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About Us

About Us

Alda European Investments is a Barcelona based multi-national company specializing in European residency through property investment.

We stand out from the crowd by offering a single investment and income solution adapted specifically to the clients needs.

The following comprehensive services are offered from our multi-disiplinary and experienced team:

  • European Residency via property investment in Spain. As opposed to other European countries which offer Residency based on investment, Spain’s minimum requirements are much lower.
  • Property purchases on behalf of our clients
  • Property Management and Income through vacation rentals.

We are a full service company that caters to our clients needs from the initial moment of contact through to the end of the investment or property sale – whether this be a matter of months or years, we collaborate with you every step of the way and continuously offer our support, advice and recommendations in all procedures of the services we offer.

Our multi-cultural team are experts in law, real estate, property management and investment.

As a result of the 28th September 2013 ‘Investors Law’ (Law 14/2013), international investors can now gain European Residency by taking advantage of property investment throughout Spain.  Not only does this provide individuals and families with European residency, it is also excellent timing for property investment in Spain. With property prices at an all time low (property prices have fallen on average by 50% since 2005). As a long-term investment goal, property purchase will be an excellent return on investment. We also provide guaranteed yearly income and property maintenance through vacation rentals.

An increasing amount of foreigners desire European residency for numerous different reasons

  • Travelling to Europe without the need for a visa (visa-free travel to 26 European countries including Germany, the Netherlands and France).
  • Vacation Rental Opportunities. Spain is the number 1 summer travel destination for European tourists and with private house rentals rapidly overtaking the hotel industry demand for tourists who require more living space, lower rates than hotels, and better amenities – Alda is uniquely positioned to help you gain an income from your property purchase.  We work directly with hand-picked travel agents throughout all of Europe and North America. We are experts in the field of temporary vacation rentals with a combined experience of over 20 years, and we pride ourselves on providing continuous support and assistance to all of our property owners before, after, and during occupation. Our clients earn between 10,000 and 30,000 euros EACH SUMMER!
  • Easy renewal process. The process for renewal of the Residency permit is quick and straightforward. Minimal presence in Spain is required, allowing tax residency outside of Spain. There is no limit to the amount of times this 2-year residency can be renewed.
  • Enjoying your own home in Spain. Spain consistently ranks as one of the world’s most desirable places to live. Its excellent quality of life, enviable year-round climate, historic cities, renowned gastronomy and beautiful beaches are just some of the reasons why investors choose to buy here. Spain also boasts one of the world’s largest economies, an excellent infrastructure and good travel links to the rest of Europe
  • Safety and stability of the European Union. Spain’s economy is the 5th largest in the European Union and in October 2013 came out of a two year recession. The exit from the recession is mainly down to exports, a strong area of growth, as well as a record tourist season as holidaymakers shied away from resorts in politically troubled countries. Borrowing costs are also down and the Ibex-35 index has so far risen more than 20% in 2013. The current ruling party in Spain is the Partido Popular, which actively encourages foreign investment.
  • Access to European colleges and universities. The spouse and children under 18 can apply for Residency at the same time as or after the initial application. Spain’s International schools are increasingly being considered to be of a better standard than those in many other European countries. There are fewer discipline problems, class sizes are fairly small and the atmosphere is relaxed. Depending on which International school you choose, they can either follow the Spanish education system with the language of instruction being a mix of English and Spanish (and Catalan in Catalunya) or follow the education system of the school, with Spanish being taught as a second language.
  • Opportunity to benefit from the single currency (Euro). On January 2, 2002, the new European currency, the euro, became official in 12 countries, known as the Eurozone. The Euro is now used in 17 EU member states (currently Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta, Slovakia and Estonia). Use of the Euro means that not only are fluctuation risks and exchange costs eliminated and the single market strengthened, but the euro also means closer co-operation among Member States for a stable currency and economy.

Other benefits of the single currency include

  • More choice and stable prices for consumers and citizens
  • Greater security and more opportunities for businesses and markets
  • Improved economic stability and growth
  • More integrated financial markets
  • A stronger presence for the EU in the global economy
  • The scale of the single currency and the euro area also brings new opportunities in the global economy. A single currency makes the euro area an attractive region for third countries to do business, thus promoting trade and investment.

What We Do

With our expert team of property professionals and legal advisors available 24/7, we’re ideally placed to guide you through the residency, property purchase and property management application process.

1. Prior to your visit to Spain, Alda Investments will:

  • ascertain whether you are eligible to obtain residency via property purchase.
  • prepare a custom report identifying the recommended procedural processes based on the characteristics of the residence.
  • explain how the Residency application is processed, its costs and time-scale.
  • offer advice on the area of Spain and property investment that best fits your requirements and investment criteria.
  • give basic information on the property purchase process and ownership costs.
  • offer basic advice on legal & tax issues relevant to applying for residency.

Once the initial paperwork is completed, our legal team will process and submit your residency application. Alda Investments will handle every aspect of the residency process including the biannual applications for residency permit renewal.

2. Our sales team will then help you find the right property for your needs :

Alda Investments real estate arm specializes in investor-driven purchases. Our agency has an unrivalled portfolio of properties in sought-after areas of Catalonia including Barcelona, Maresme, Costa Brava, and Costa Dorada.

Our company property portfolio includes:

  • designer city centre apartments and penthouses
  • luxury detached sea view villas
  • traditional rural stone town houses
  • coastal golf properties
  • wine-growing, shooting & equestrian estates
  • ruins & building plots
  • hotels, hostels and touristic apartments

There are no residency restrictions as to the kind of real estate purchased and we are able to help with all requirements; however to maximize your rental income from your investment property, Alba will advise on the best options for maximum profitability.

3. If the initial response is successful, the following process applies:

  • applicant visits Spain to initiate Residency process
  • applicant begins property viewing and selection process
  • applicant completes on property. applicant signs a Power of Attorney approving Alda Investments to act on all residency-related matters.
  • client receives Residency Visa within a month

4. Property Management and Income Services. We manage the yearly maintanence of your property and vacation rental logistics.

Property management is invaluable in ensuring that as a property investor you earn the maximum return from your assets. Vacation rentals are an ideal avenue to generate income from your property. Not only do you have the flexibility of deciding when you will rent, but you also have constant access to your property.  Alda vacation rental services are designed to ensure that ownership of a property abroad is as easy and profitable as possible. We also provide an array of property services including architects for bespoke design, organizing inventories, preparing the property so it is in ideal conditions for rental, handling negotiations, payments and maintenance works. These services mean that you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is being looked after and generating income whilst you are away.

Who we are

Who We Are

Alda European Investments was created by Alicia Colomer, a Barcelona based immigration and international relations lawyer, and Dawn Buckler, Managing Director of longstanding Barcelona based Real Estate and Vacation Rental agency Catalunya Casas.

Alda employs a team of  multi-national experts in law, real estate, property management and investment.  Our partners consist of:

  • Legal and Real State:   AliciaAlicia Colomer obtained her Law Degree through the University of Barcelona in 1995 and has specialised in international business law. For many years she worked in Human Resurce  for a Spanish marketing company, and has since lived in the Middle East (Lebanon) where she has pursued her business activities in many sectors; creating businesses, developing and distributing her own brands along with third party brands such as San Miguel, Aradina etc. As an expert on the business and Arab worlds, she represents the firm CASTRO ABOGADOS &CONSULTORES through which she promotes large scale foreign investment in Cuba in sectors such as hotel, real estate, energy etc.Her commercial and business experience together with her language skills allow her to offer our clients a complete legal and advice service for their investments.Ms. Colomer was the first lawyer in Spain to solicit residency for a client through the new Spanish Investors Law of 2013.Alicia Colomer handles immigration and  spanish residency visa for investments.
  • She has long experience to getting returns of all investments with vacational rentals or rentals a long term.
  • Dawn Real Estate:  J. Dawn Buckler is managing Director of Catalunya Casas – a successful real estate and vacation rental brand operating in Catalunya, Spain since 2005. She is Canadian born with European citizenship and has lived in Vancouver, Toronto, London and Barcelona.  Ms. Buckler holds a business degree from the British Columbia Insitute of Technology (BCIT) and has managed and overseen hundreds of international  property purchase deals in Spain from North American, Russian, Middle East and Chinese clients.

Ms. Buckler is a member of the Register of Property Realtors of Catalunya (this official registry aims to promote transparency in the real estate sector and ensure consumer protection) and her vacation rental company Catalunya Casas is  Department of Tourism certified.

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate market, Ms Bucker can offer expert advice and guidance on property evaluations, location targeting to determine the best income potential, and sales negotiating direct with the property owner.

Ms. Buckler is familiar with common property purchase differences faced when buying overseas property and for this reason offers a full structural condition report for all of our properties as well as water tight purchase contracts.

  • Banking:  Alda European Investments works  with ABANCA to arrange mortgages, accounts and currency transfer requirements for our clients. Our exclusive and long.standing collaboration with ABANCA offers our clients unrivalled, efficient and uncomplicated services. Banco Sabadell is the fourth-largest banking group funded by private Spanish capital. It includes several banks, brands, subsidiary and holding companies spanning the whole range of financial business. Specialising in commercial banking, it has a significant penetration in the company and medium and high level private customer market.

Property Investments

Looking to expand your property portfolio with an acquisition in Europe? If so our expert legal and real estate teams will work tirelessly to locate your ideal property, whether a city centre pad or an exquisite Mediterranean villa. Let us help you find your dream European home.

Spanish passport

Spanish Residency

We are a multi-national company specializing in European residency through property investments. Our expert legal team will accompany you at every step towards achieving your goal of European residency through property investments.



• Development of a customized report, adapted to the personal and financial situation of the applicant, on the process to follow to obtain a residence permit, the characteristics of the residence permit, and the documentation required to obtain it.

• Obtaining a N.I.E. (Spanish ID number) for non-residents.

• In case of refusal, assessing the desirability of an appeal and, if so, preparing and presenting the appeal.

• After obtaining the visa, advice on the documentation required for the application for a residence permit for investors.

• Preparation of all documentation. Submission of the application for a Residence Permit for Investors, and follow up on the application.

• In Spain, accompanying the investor during the various steps necessary to obtain the residence permit.

• Help with registration with the local authorities.



• Creating a custom report, adapted to personal and financial circumstances of the applicant, on the process to follow to obtain residency, the characteristics of the residence permit and the documentation required to obtain it,  according to the criteria of the Immigration Office concerned.

• Review of the documentation for the application for a residence permit and file preparation.

• Monitoring of the application for a residence permit at the relevant Immigration Office.

• In case of refusal, assessing the desirability of an appeal and if so, its preparation and presentation.

• In case of a favourable decision, guidance on the documentation required for residence visa application and review of the file.

• Upon arrival in Spain we will accompany you through the various steps necessary to collect your residence permit.

Learn more about the Law on Spanish Residency for Foreign Investors


Vacation Rentals

We are an ambitious and dedicated vacation rental agency who pride ourselves on personalized and exceptional service – specializing in family villas (with pool and garden!) that are close enough to Barcelona to enjoy all the benefits the city has to offer, yet far enough ‘off the beaten track’ where our guests have the opportunity to enjoy and experience the real Catalonia/Spain.